Smartened Up Finances for Student Athletes and Teams

The one-of-a-kind integrated solution that helps student athletes and athletic departments take control of their spending.

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What We Do

TeamUp is an easy-to-use money management platform for student athletes. Coaches and athletic directors can use TeamUp to schedule and transfer per diems directly into individual accounts, while students spend safely and build their credit score along the way.a

Helping Your Team
Win On and Off the Field

Did You Know…

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TeamUp Tackles Your Team’s
Financial Challenges

Student Athletes

  • Build and maintain a credit scorea
  • Simplify spending
  • Gain financial education online


  • Eliminate co-mingling of university and personal funds
  • Stop carrying around cash when traveling
  • Facilitate team budgeting

Athletic Directors

  • Distribute funds digitally 
  • Eliminate antiquated financial accounting systems
  • Get real-time spend tracking

The TeamUp Platform

Our platform has a variety of features to simplify team budgeting and spending for students, coaches, and athletic directors.

01. Secure Credit Card

Our team-branded cards are both physical and digital—designed to simplify spending for students while helping them build their credit scores.a

02. Credit Score Tracker 

The credit score tracker helps students see how their spending impacts their credit score and gives advice on how to raise their score.

03. Financial Education Center

Our team of financial experts creates and sources financial education videos and modules that help students learn right from their phones.

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04. Team Management Tools

Head Coaches get team member categories and batch funding that make team fund allocation a breeze.

05. Real-Time Fund Transfers

Head Coaches can transfer funds immediately to team members without a waiting period, or they can even schedule transfers in advance

06. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and simple to navigate.

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