TeamUp for
Athletic Staff.

Ditch the old school cash envelopes and get a budgeting platform that’ll help you knock money management out of the park.

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The TeamUp Platform for Athletic Staff

  • Branded digital and physical cards
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Real-time spend tracking
  • Team categorizing tools
  • Immediate or scheduled fund transfers
  • Scheduled per diem disbursements
  • Track spending easily

Why TeamUp Is a
Slam Dunk for Athletic Staff


You won’t have to stress about carrying around envelopes of cash to disburse to students.


You can stop co-mingling team funds with your personal funds.


You gain complete control over fund transfers—which can be scheduled in advance or completed instantly.


Easy spending reports to satisfy university requirements.


You get real-time tracking of the program’s budget and athlete spending.


Knowing your money in and money out has never been easier with TeamUp.

Get the Team Financial Tools You Need to Go the Distance

TeamUp was specifically designed for teams, coaches, and student athletes. Our platform guards teams from being tripped up by per diem payments and helps them stay focused on the game.

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